Re-Connection Sessions

Re-Connect using body, breath and the innate power of your voice! 

RE-CONNECTION SESSIONS are led by me, singer and voice leader Janna Goodwille. It is the name that came to me when I started running online singing sessions during lockdown. The idea was to support anyone and everyone to return to a sense of simplicity, connectedness and joy through the power of the voice.  I started several group courses online, and I also continued running the 1:1 sessions that I've been teaching for 20+ years. Then I realised that what I'd been doing working in singing and music for all that time was supporting people to re-connect to themselves and the name stuck! 

Below is an explanation of the different types of session I offer:


1-1 Singing & Voice Coaching Sessions are for 1 hour and tailored to whatever you are looking for - be it development in singing , speaking, expression in general or just fun. 

Singing with Children - joyful singing sessions with children of all ages.


Re-Connection Sessions are 50m group sessions or 'stop moments' to tune in, listen and top up. We generally meet in small groups. We use a combination of simple tools including body awareness and the power of your voice. These will support you to live your daily life with more ease, flow & joy!

Sing for Your Sleep is a group course that will support you to wind down, settle and relax before bedtime through reconnecting to the body and gentle singing. 

Re-Connect & Sing course - this is a 1.5hr group session where we use the foundation of a deep connection with the body as a spring board for singing with more fullness and freedom. Max 15 participants.


Singing at conferences, workshops, weddings, and other public events - you name it, if you feel inspired, I am happy to make it happen. See the Events page for more info. 

EVERYONE is welcome - no experience necessary and you don't need to be a 'singer' to get in touch. 

"Janna’s reassuring manner put me at ease.
Calming, nurturing and focused self care which helped blow
my anxieties away" K.Mc.