About Janna

Hi! From 2000 until the end of 2020 I worked full-time as a singer-songwriter, voice facilitator, choir leader & music teacher based in London - leading workshops and choirs, performing and bringing music/singing to groups & individuals of all ages & communities. A strong and sensitive leader, I have always had a deep love of reflecting to others that there's more than the superficial ways we tend to move through life.

In recent years, I learned to connect with myself much more deeply, which has brought a great deal more settlement and an awareness of energy into my life, not to mention a great deal of freedom to my voice. Over that time I've been exploring for myself and with groups I have run how the power of the voice and music can support us in developing and maintaining that deeper connection to ourselves, and slowly this has become a focus of my work in music.

Four months ago, I gave up choir leading and teaching music for a full-time job in the NHS as a Junior Doctor Coordinator. It's been an incredible time of expansion, learning and growing so much about being in a totally new environment, with a huge dose of humbling as well! In many ways I have never felt as clear, and it's fascinating to notice that when I sing now I feel more ease - I feel from having dropped a lot of what I was attached to about being a professional singer/teacher/leader. I will be starting to offer sessions again soon and I'm intrigued to see what will unfold now that I feel like I am coming from quite a different platform.

I founded and lead these two choirs for nearly 10 years:
Vauxhall Voices
Sydenham Singers

And I'm still involved in this project - should we ever be allowed to sing in person in large numbers again :
Harmony Live

"Janna is a true gem of a leader (and I’ve known a few good ones!) who can hold a room of 30 people enthralled, engaged and learning fast. She is wonderfully inclusive but rewardingly effective: she encourages the shyest of newcomers to sing at the top of their voice and yet achieves that musical nirvana of bringing in the dynamic to a magical, controlled hush when required. She is a magician!" - Vauxhall Voices' singer