1-1 Sessions

1-1 Voice & Expression Sessions

Do you hold back from expressing what you know is true?
Ever felt nervous about speaking in front of people?
Only ever sing when no-one can hear?
Know there's more to your voice and want to let it out?

What does it involve?
1-1 Voice & Expression sessions offer an opportunity to have more focussed support, whether this be simply reconnecting to yourself or exploring your voice further.

Everyone is born with a powerful expressive voice, but life imposes on us and we carry around pictures, ideas and judgements about our voice and expression. When we feel safe enough to let those go and experience the presence of our bodies, we rediscover our natural authority and become able to express with clarity and ease.

We all use our voices every day to express ourselves in a multitude of different ways. Reconnecting with your true expression can be life-changing.

So are these singing lessons?
As a singer-songwriter, 1-1 vocal coach, choir & workshop leader and music teacher, I have been working with voices all my professional life. There is much I will bring from that experience and I'd love to explore your singing voice as much as you want to. Before and beyond any of the technical stuff or anything to do with 'singing or voice lessons' as you might think of them, we will focus on you connecting to how your body holds your voice. From that foundation of power and naturalness we can explore many avenues, be it singing or presenting etc: these sessions will support the unfoldment of your expression in any arena.

"I felt instantly at ease with Janna from the start, super calm and open by the end.
I freed up my voice without caring what anyone would think and thoroughly enjoyed it" D.M.

1-2 sessions
If you'd like to join with a friend, 1-2 sessions are also possible.

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"Your 1-1 sessions are divine - guiding us through the simplicity of how we can use our breath,
to the power of how we can use our voice to reconnect.... plus the immense joy that comes from singing when we lighten up and enjoy hearing ourselves!
I loved my sessions with you
!" N.F.

Singing with Children

I absolutely love working with children! These are joyful (online) singing sessions which support children to express with ease and focus.

Length of sessions depend on the age and stage of each child. For younger children I generally run 1-1 sessions for 35-40m or 1-2 sessions (2 children) for 45m. Older children are normally comfortable with an hour.

I work 1-1 or 1-2 with siblings or close friends.

Please contact me if you'd like to chat further, or Book Here.

“A spontaneous lockdown-inspired treat which we thought we’d try has turned into the loveliest
and most popular of times in the week for my two children. Janna has such a warm and easy way
with children that they have responded so positively and look forward to every session.
We hope to continue for a long time!” S.G.