Offering an online space for reconnection using body, breath and the innate power of your voice.

RECONNECTION SESSIONS are led by singer and voice leader Janna Goodwille, to support anyone and everyone to return to a sense of simplicity and from there explore the power of your true voice.

Sing for Your Sleep course

Group Reconnection Sessions are shorter 40m sessions or 'stop moments' to tune in, listen and top up. We generally meet in small groups. We use a combination of simple and nourishing tools including body awareness, the Gentle Breath Meditation, and the power of your voice. This will support you to live your daily life - particularly given the current stresses and uncertainties - with more ease and flow.

Reconnect & Sing course - this is a group session where we use the foundation of a deep connection with the body as a spring board for singing with more fullness and joy. Max 15 participants.

1-1 Voice & Expression Sessions are for 1 hour and give you an in depth opportunity to receive focussed support and explore your voice and expression.

Singing with Children - joyful singing sessions with children of all ages.

EVERYONE is welcome - no experience necessary and you don't need to be a 'singer' to come.

"Janna’s gentle and reassuring manner put me at ease.
Calming, nurturing and focused self care which helped blow my anxieties away" K.Mc.


"Your voice and reconnect sessions are the perfect antidote for this time" N.F.